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Steven celebrates the everyday and the fantastic

in vibrant original and traditional stories that call up the experiences and feelings that connect us all .

Truth & Lies for all occasions.


               "Audience members. . .sat mesmerized."
                               Cummins, Knoxville News-Sentinel, KY

Solo performances of interlocking stories

blend the wry conversation of Steven’s Midwestern family’s storytelling with the incisive imagery and movement shaped by a decade in theater. Every audience will recognize this comfortable,

familiar art of the spoken word.

"He brings fine details to life in his stories and his

timing is excellent-- especially his comic timing.”

                                                 Willis, Highpoint Theater, NC


        Workshops, coaching and keynotes

offer techniques to help you or your group share stories with greater skill and depth, and insight into how stories and storytelling enrich our lives.


           "The oral history of families is a treasure and

                 through your efforts seniors will be encouraged                                           to pass on rich memories of past."
                                  St. Philip's Senior Programs, San Francisco

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