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Tip of the hat

Somewhere on the California coast during photo shoot for Moving Stories artwork. Photo by Debbie LaPalm

Moving Stories

Moving Stories cover. Design and photo by Debbie LaPalm.

Sierra Storytelling Festival

Making a point at the Sierra Storytelling Festival. Photo by Kurt Lorenz

Embarrassment & Death

Embarrassment & Death postcard. Designed by Debbie LaPalm from my 3rd grade school photo.

The Fighter Pilot

The Fighter Pilot at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. Photo by Moosepix

Truth & Lies Logo

Logo originally developed during a college residency in North Carolina.

How Things Work

How Things Work at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. Photo by Moosepix

The Everyday & the Fantastic

The Everyday & the Fantastic poster. Designed by Steven.

Unexpected Consequences

Unexpected Consequences with Juliana Person and Ken Iverson at PSG. Shot with Ken's iPhone lying in the grass.

Steven at the Bay Area Storytelling Festival

MCing at the Bay Area Storytelling Festival


Monsters postcard Designed by Steven

IMA Performance

Performing at IMA's intimate 50 seat house in LA. Photo by Sharon Henegar

Some time ago.

Proof I've been doing this awhile. Photo by Richard Rhyne

Henegar workshop

Performing the Image workshop in LA

Ties That Bind postcard

Concert of family stories with Janet Liu and Wink Harner. Designed by Steven.

SF Fringe

Sometimes, it's best to just sit and tallk.




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